Fiber Optic

Test & measurement solutions for fiber optic networks


  • Quickly identify faults in the fiber optic network and reduce operating costs
  • After cable installation, make sure the infrastructure is working well and prove it with professional test reports
  • Measure the signal loss inserted by the fiber optic components throughout the fiber optic network, build the fiber optic map of the line


Test and measurement devices and systems for different access technologies such as ADSL, VDSL, E1, Ethernet used in accessing infrastructures


  • Check and report QoS provided by the service provider
  • Increase end-user satisfaction by identifying and resolving issues in your access infrastructure
  • Observe the ethernet traffic to avoid any problems

Fiber Optic Cleaning Sets

Convenient and cost-effective accessories for cleaning fiber optic infrastructure components


  • Make sure your fiber optic connectors are not contaminated, prevent low speed signaling
  • View the fiber optic connector surfaces with a microscope, add connector visuals to your report
  • Keep the ports of your fiber optic equipments clean and extend their life span