RF Testing

Solutions for testing base stations & mobile telecom infrastructure


  • Increase end-user satisfaction by boosting the performance of base stations
  • Locate the interference source that lowers the performance of the mobile network and create related reports
  • Measure RF performance over fiber optic cable without climbing to the antenna and save time

Stress Tests

Lab test systems that simulate/emulate applications running on the mobile network 


  • Test how secure your network is by making different penetration tests and avoid security vulnerabilities
  • Test network equipment performance by generating virtual traffic and report their limits

Synchronization Testing

Solutions for testing the synchronization infrastructure between the backbone and base stations in next generation mobile networks


  • Test sync communication in 4G mobile networks, minimize connection drops
  • Perform lab-based synchronization tests of different manufacturers' equipment, create comparative reports
  • Improve time-sensitive performance of 4G services and increase end user satisfaction