Drive test / RF Test

Drive test systems testing GSM-R network on the railway line


  • Optimize GSM-R network by detecting faulty locations through the track
  • Observe the signal communication, reduce the risk of railway accidents
  • Identify interference sources that affect the GSM-R network, improve performance

Fiber Optic / Ethernet

Solutions for testing GSM-R network infastructure


  • Quickly identify faults in the fiber optic network and reduce operating costs
  • Check and report the QoS provided by the service provider
  • Measure the signal loss inserted by the fiber optic components throughout the fiber optic network, build the fiber optic map of the line

Fiber Optic Monitoring

Systems that enable monitoring of fiber optic network backbones forming GSM-R networks and rapid detection of faults


  • Monitor your fiber optic network 7x24 and repair faults faster and gain time
  • Identify physical attacks to your fiber optic network and increase your network security
  • Provide the conditions for fiber optic service contracts, do not pay penalties

Signalization Test Solutions

Signaling system planning and physical field tests for transport infrastructure


  • Plan and improve your signaling systems on high-speed train infrastructures
  • Record events that might occur in your high-speed train infrastructure, view details of the problems retroactively
  • Monitor your high-speed train infrastructure and anticipate problems that may arise from aging
  • Reduce time and labor costs by identifying and quickly resolving problems in high-speed network infrastructure
  • Make network communication more efficient