Cloud Network Simulation Tests

Flexible test systems simulating the cloud infrastructure


  • Test how much your cloud infrastructure can handle, build your investment plan
  • Identify how secure your cloud infrastructure is by attack simulations
  • Discover how ready you are for 5G by simulating high-speed network traffic

Cloud Network Monitoring

Test systems in which the cloud infrastructure is monitored and analyzed in detail


  • Monitor your cloud infrastructure, quickly identify existing or potential problems and reduce time and labor costs
  • Take extra action against vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure, remove potential threats
  • Identify active devices that slow down your cloud network, examine its configuration and improve its performance

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Map

Systems that generate a detailed dependency map of network components in hybrid IT infrastructures


  • Simplify your hybrid IT management software and monitor all of your infrastructure equipment from a single location
  • Remove complex networking of network / server / data storage components in physical, virtual, or cloud environments
  • Increase your problem-solving speed by minimizing the down time of the IT infrastructure
  • Increase the efficiency of cloud infrastructure
  • Take precautions for possible problems by discovering the dependency map of the IT infrastructure