About Us

About Us

CEMTECH was founded in July, 2013 in order to provide Test and Measurement solutions for communication technologies. CEMTECH provides test and measurement hardware and software tools for technologies like LTE, Wi-Fi, fiber optics, Ethernet etc.

Our mission is to provide solutions of global leader vendors in Test and Measurement area to Turkey’s Telecommunications and IT market with optimum price levels.

Our vision is to ensure that the Telecommunication and IT players in Turkey market receive the best-in-class Test and Measurement Solutions by us becoming partners of global leader vendors and by following up the Test and Measurement trends and methodologies throughout the world.

CEMTECH is a customer oriented company with a deep focus on testing methodologies. CEMTECH tries very hard to be connected to its customers by conducting periodical visits. These periodic visits are often accomplished to many different cities of Turkey.

We try to provide flexible payment options to our customers in order to fulfill the need to become a company that is “easy to work with”.

We often conduct Field trials with demo test instruments in order to showcase the “best-in-class” products to our customers.

CEMTECH works hard to update its portfolio with new test and measurement equipment that support new technologies and standards.